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Blog Entry: Belgium Goes To No 1 In New FIFA World Rankings - RealGM Wiretap Belgium has taken the No. 1 ranking in the world for the first time following their 3-1 win over Israel. The Belgians were third in the most recent ranking  Cheap Jerseys From China  , but Germany's loss to Ireland and previous No. 1 Argentina losing to Ecuador and drawing to Paraguay created the shift. Belgium were as low as 66th in the ranking in 2009. NEW FIFA RANKING TOP 20 1 - Belgium 2 - Germany 3 - Argentina 4 - Portugal 5 - Chile 6 - Spain 7 - Colombia 8 - Brazil 9 - England 10 - Austria 11 - Switzerland 12 - Uruguay 13 - Italy 14 - Romania 15 - Wales 16 - Netherlands 17 - Czech Republic 18 - Turkey 19 - Croatia 20 - Bosnia-Herzegovina Sony may be face 245 billion claim because that million credit card data were leaked Sony may be face 245 billion claim because that million credit card data were leaked June 7, 2012 | Author: petermartin10-2 | Posted in Web Hosting Article by Lisa On May 1st, Tokyo, Japan, SONY’s game business department manager flat with two executives well lady apologized to the customers in the SONY headquarters. Figureget Report from our correspondent (reporter YanJie) SONY of Japan May 1, held a press conference in Tokyo, the company network game user’s personal information theft apologize, admit 10 million credit CARDS material may already invited leaked out, and the U.S. federal bureau of investigation (FBI) the investigation.Two weeks ago by SONY’s PlayStation game network hackers steal SONY PS3, music, animation and Qriocity user login cloud service network of personal information, including name, address, birth date and login name and password, etc. A source says affected users as many as 77 million  Cheap Jerseys  , of which 10 million personal credit card account also has stolen may, involving 57 countries and regions is largest to date, personal information theft events. According to American media, allegedly steal data in the hackers start an online discussion sell personal information, and already get 220 million claimed credit card information.Conference that day, SONY’s vice President flat Wells to the public at a press conference in the bow to apologize, said it would review, avoid events repeats itself.For why delay notify users, ping Wells, responded that SONY must first understand the stolen data types, only after disclosure. In order to keep users, SONY promises to provide the customers of 30 days free download services, and update the software system upgrading security level. S analysis SONY purchased claim faced According to xinhua reference to previous example, SONY this difficult to escape unharmed. In 2004, Japan yahoo personal information about 460 million users  Cheap NFL Jerseys China  , Japan yahoo later leaked to every name users send 500 yen ($ ) coupons ishi apologies. 2009, Japanese life-insurance company alisher secco for 3 million customer credit card information leaked out, and eventually every victim compensation to 1 million yen (3 million), also undertake the 67 billion yen for card fees. Capable of Japan Internet crime lawyer JiTeng are the tree said, according to the usual practice, if were leaked data is limited to name, telephone and other basic information, compensation for each person 5,000 yen to 1 million yen; If was leaked information privacy, compensation may significantly jumped. Had the Japanese cosmetic enterprise for customer information leaked out, and the results were court ordered to every customer compensation 3 million yen. By this standard, SONY face could reach 2 trillion yen damages (245 billion). According to foreign media reports, at present, the United States, Britain  Cheap NFL Jerseys  , Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are in the PlayStation network outages and survey SONY user data theft events. In early April 20, when SONY PlayStation network and Qriocity music discovery was “external invasion” service, it immediately turned off the two network services. Now, because the company is upgrading security measures, and cooperating with federal investigators PlayStation network and investigation, Qriocity music service still working offline.U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee (what Commerce) on Energy and the ordinary wrote to the Sony Computer Entertainment yesterday corporate America branch (Sony) President flat on the existing Computer Kazuo Hirai) well lady (, demanding the latter is data theft problem an explanation. “SONY issued a statement that said, were stolen from me illegally information including account information and personal information.” This letter has currently was posted online, it wrote, “considering stolen personal information, if the number and nature of credit card information also is stolen, then the potential damage may be huge.” The committee also require SONY explanation  Cheap NBA Jerseys  , since SONY cannot determine the severity of ShiQieAn, so that users and why it was not stolen credit card information. Previously, the Japanese electronic equipment giant has said, the user’s credit card data was encrypted, but does not exclude the credit card data hackers get possibility.British Information Commissioner’s Office (Information Commissioner ‘s Office) said they had made contact with SONY, will “to SONY detailed, and clearly asked this nature of this event, in order to take the necessary action (if needed).”Australia’s Privacy protection committee (Office of the Commissioner) without the Commissioner Timothy – Pilgrim (Timothy Pilgrim) also says, the committee has begun investigating. “Now global each organization hold information is more and more, they should shoulder the responsibility to ensure that they have strong security systems to protect these inform.