Title: Devin receives a text from Jack
Blog Entry: Devin has to complete a scoring drive without throwing a pass to Colt. For the final challenge, rain falls on the stadium as Devin faces a third down and 15 situation, an atmosphere resembling his final game at Texas. After scoring, Devin  Madden 18 Coins  is greeted by the cheers of Longhorn fans, having finally redeemed himself. Devin is not drafted and leaves the house, where he vents his frustration and sits on the porch. A flashback to his childhood days with his father takes place, where Cutter tells him while victory does not always occur, if one gives it their best, they have the right to feel like a winner.  Devin receives a text from Jack, who congratulates and thanks him for allowing him to be his coach. Devin returns to his room and looks at his Texas cap on the desk, telling his father he finally had something to be proud of before placing his NFL team's cap with it.