Title: The Update Will Include New Trophies
Blog Entry: Update also gives players more personalized settings, including the goal of the explosion effects, engine sound, Mercedes-Benz track. These personalized settings will include both free and outbound two access methods.  The update will also include new achievements and trophies, new sound settings, etc., more details will be released in the future official announcement. With the update approaching, the official said it would choose to release the "Rocket League" new season for more information, such as season time will be compressed and so on. In addition, the fourth quarter of the reward will be different from the previous, the players will be based on their results to obtain a variety of Mercedes-Benz track effects rather than a variety of tires  Rocket League Keys . "Rocket League" on July 7, 2015 on sale, so far more than 31 million players have played this for the completion of 1.45 billion games. The national service by Tencent agent, has recently begun small internal testing. A foreign game is the domestic agent, in general, are worthy of the country players happy things. With the company's own erection of the server.