Title: Legion Becoming Increasingly Alt-Friendly Now with Argus Unlocks
Tags: mmoah, warmane gold
Blog Entry: For people that have shelved alt characters in World of Warcraft for Warmane Gold for sale many of Legion, it seems that now's a great time to get them started again. With Artifact Knowledge being raised weekly, account-wide unlocks for flying along with the new Argus account-wide entry to World Quests, Invasion Points and Greater Invasion points, it's the best time for alts altogether. It's not only a completely free ride, however. Alts must finish "The Assault Begins" pursuit for unlock World Quests and Antoran Wastes treasures. To unlock Invasion Points and Greater Invasion Points, players should complete the campaign through Dark Awakenings. So get into there and dirt off those alts which may have been lazily languishing within their class order halls for your past year. Don't hesitate, there's cheap Warmane Gold available for purchase in MMOAH.