Title: Antibiotics for Pregnancy
Blog Entry: Pregnant women, unfortunately, are also not immune from diseases. Usually doctors try not to prescribe antibiotics during pregnancy, but there are cases when they can not be avoided. When antibiotics can not be avoided? What antibiotics can be used during pregnancy and in what dosage? When can I get pregnant after antibiotics, if during the planning I had to undergo treatment? Do antibiotics affect pregnancy? What side effects for the pregnant woman and the consequences for the fetus may be as a result of taking antibiotics? Antibiotics are medicinal substances that kill bacteria and microbes. Buy  Azithromycin 1000mg   online Treatment with antibiotics during pregnancy is usually tried to postpone, since many of them penetrate the placenta and can affect the development of the fetus. But if a pregnant woman has tonsillitis or pneumonia, urinary tract disease or bacterial complications against a background of a viral infection or flu, antibiotics can not be avoided during pregnancy. The medication must be chosen by the doctor, considering the duration of pregnancy, the severity of the disease, what antibiotics can be drunk during pregnancy, and to what drugs the bacteria found in the body will be sensitive. Choosing antibiotics for pregnancy, it is better not to read reviews about preparations, but to completely trust the treating doctor. You can buy antibiotics here -