Title: Depression: We take antidepressants correctly
Blog Entry: If your doctor has prescribed antidepressants for you, you should remember some important points. If you follow the tips below, you can avoid unwanted complications and get the most benefit from medication. Key points Antidepressants give a greater effect if taken, following the schedule prescribed by your doctor. This will also help to reduce the occurrence of side effects. After the beginning of taking antidepressants, you can feel better already in the first or third week. If after three weeks there is no change, you may need to change the drug. Antidepressants can have side effects, but most of them are insignificant and pass after the first weeks of taking the medicine. If you continue taking antidepressants for another six months after recovery, this will save you from a re-attack of depression. Yes, you can buy  Lexapro  20 mg . Make sure that you told the doctor about all other diseases and medications that you are taking. This information may affect the choice of antidepressant. A sudden stopping of antidepressant medication can cause a worsening of depression symptoms or a relapse. If your medicine does not suit you or you can already stop taking antidepressants, you should do it under the guidance of a doctor, gradually reducing the dose to total failure. In addition to lexapto, on the Internet you can order  Abilify  15 mg with home delivery.