Title: Barca won the league much OSRS gold
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Blog Entry: Barca won the league much thanks to his  OSRS gold  performance in the second Clasico of the season. He scored the vital second goal in the Champions League final and was player of the tournament as they won the Fifa Club World Cup. Ronaldo top scored in Europe but the Golden Boot is the prize for goals.He is there, however. And his demeanour as he doesn't win will be fascinating to observe. Luis Suarez scored  Barcelona's crucial second goal in the Champions League final - but wasn't shortlisted He has squirmed in the past when his nemesis has got the better of him and it has even been suggested he might not show, knowing he is probably not going to win. But he has changed.  One of the most revealing scenes of Ronaldo the film, released last year came at the Zurich gala last January when Messi appeared just as Ronaldo was waiting to be given the award. As he tells Messi that his son is a fan but that now he is shy it’s Ronaldo the Dad at his most natural. This year there will be no cry of Siiiiiii! Just polite applause as Messi wins. If he does finish third and if he does see that as a sign that he is sliding down the ladder and slowly off the grid will it  cheap RS gold  influence the big decision he has to make at the end of the season? He knows the club will sell him if they get the chance. He also knows he is on a contract that does not end until 2018. Ronaldo and Messi pictured together at last year's Ballon d'Or ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland