Subject: buy wood floor
Content: Wooden floor is used old hind, exterior paint film can be differred the attaint of degree. Wear a flower like fruit tree floor, can you discard only? The wooden floor that wears a flower actually still can be renovated use.  Very much wood floor is being used old hind, look to had worn a flower, a lot of people can want to pull down wooden floor change new floor board afresh, actually this is not well-advised decision. Because wooden floor is the surface only,wear a flower, wood still is good wood, using especially old hind, wooden floor already became very stable, new wood floor is inferior to old wood floor in this respect instead, face-lifting is burnish only drop the surface 1 to 2 millimeter. And wooden floor face-lifting is cheaper than new wood floor, from economically tell very be to one's profit.  At present the burnish, technology that renovates wooden floor had risen than in the past a lot of, not be guerrilla type is taking a small burnish tool any more, do so that dust flies upwards in the home the client, it is OK to want a lot of gifts finishing, use advanced burnish machine, below the environment that flies upwards without dust, 1 can make to 2 hours old wood floor looks brand-new.  Introduce according to expert of burnish of Swedish rich accept, face-lifting wood floor should notice the following:  1, burnish wants from sand paper of 40 eye, 80 eye, 120 eye progressively burnish, such ability make sure the surface of wooden floor is exquisite, slick.  2, after burnish is over, must blow be bored with child, what can assure wooden floor so is ecru, wooden floor won't be blown to spend.  3, the paint of floor of ability in swimming that floor lacquer should use environmental protection, won't make there is peculiar smell inside the room so, floor lacquer must be lacquer of special floor board, its wear-resisting can achieve the requirement of wooden floor.  [url=]Beautiful Wood Plastic Decking[/url] [url=]Wpc Composite Decking[/url] [url=]Waterproof Wpc Decking[/url] [url=]Wpc Board Decking Materials[/url]