Subject: Carolina Hurricanes: Forget the Past
Content: As the regular season winds down to less than 20 games, the Carolina Hurricanes are fighting for a spot in the playoffs. As a hockey blogger who tries to make analytics-based arguments, there are few things that bother me <a href=""></a> more than superstitions. You know what I’m talking about, every team has some of these. The idea that because of this or that, that this team can’t accomplish this or that. Except, these arguments are not based on any data.. They are based on clearly random correlation, or other similar things. <a href=""><img src=""  alt="Adidas T. J. Leaf Swingman Youth Jersey - NBA Indiana Pacers #22 Gold Alternate Cheap" /></a> This leads me to one of my least-favorite superstitions: something I’ll call… let’s see… the Timeline Fallacy. The Timeline Fallacy rests on <a href="">Robert Blanton Youth Jersey</a> the idea, that because <a href=""></a> a team has suffered in the past, they are destined for failure regardless of their actual team quality. This superstition usually starts popping out, as <a href="">Ben Wallace Youth Jersey</a> the regular season is starting, as teams start to approach the playoffs, or during the beginning of the playoffs. Let’s look at the Washington Capitals. The Capitals have gained quite the reputation for putting up great performances in the regular season, only to collapse in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Indeed, despite season upon season of success (and a few presidents trophies), the Caps have failed to get past the second round since 1997-98. Sure, the Capitals will and always will be fun to laugh at, because of their constant failure and suffering. No judging, this is hockey. Come on. The problem is, people seem to think that there is a divine force looming over the Capitals, preventing them from passing the second round. Unfortunately, this is not <a href="">Mats Zuccarello Youth Jersey</a> the case. The Capitals are victims of bad playoff luck and Penguins. Sometimes both at the same time. The Capitals aren’t cursed; they’ve just <a href=""></a> been unlucky. Why is all of this DC drama relevant to us? Well… Here’s a look at the past mishaps concerning the playoff drought for the Carolina Hurricanes.    <a href=""></a><br />  <a href=""></a><br />  <a href=""></a><br />  <a href=""></a><br />  <a href=""></a><br />