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Calamity in the Gym!
Posted On 10/08/2014 22:32:28 by filrublev1980

Thursday afternoon David and I were working out in the Gym and he was on a wide-lap pull-down single tower machine and I was spotting him. I pulled it down to him and we were at 480#, so he grabbed it and started on down with it–and I was standing facing him–and the machine was standing to my left side, a little behind me. I detected a motion and I turned to see it coming over on top of him.

At the angle it was falling, that piece of steel with the pulley would have come down an... Read More

Personaltraininglasvegas.com: The best personal trainer in Las Vegas
Posted On 03/11/2014 03:20:30 by jackson123

Are you passionate about Mixed Martial Arts? Or are you interested in joining one of the best mma gyms las vegas to get in the best shape? If so, then wrap up your entire hunt right here at Personaltraininglasvegas.com. Welcome to Personal Training Las Vegas, the most outstanding Kickboxing and MMA Gym based in Las Vegas providing the best personal fitness training to individuals. Ryan Bow, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship star, is the most experienced trainer in Las Vegas wh... Read More

Buy comfortable Dance Wear to dance with confidence
Posted On 02/21/2014 20:56:37 by jackson123

Have you decided to take part in a dance competition? Are you looking for the most beautiful dancewear so that you can dance to your potential? If yes, then you would be glad to know that there are a number of retail stores in Denver, Colorado that offer the widest range of elegant Dance Wear Denver for people of all ages and sizes. The retail stores are specialized in serving the needs of dancers as well as gymnasts and help them shop the best merchandise at reasonable prices.... Read More

rest day
Posted On 03/14/2008 11:37:43 by dudees9

today i'm just resting... but i did ride the bike at 135bmp for 20 min...


my workout for today
Posted On 03/13/2008 14:58:07 by dudees9

my workout for today


ride the bike 20 min at 125bpm heart rate

3x12 quad extensions at 70% max weight

3x12 hamstrings curls at 70% max weight

2x10 calf raises at MAX WEIGHT

3x10 bicep curls at 80% max weight

3x10 tricep pull downs at 80% max weight

1x5 tricep pull downs at max weight or more than max weight

3x12 lat pull downs at 70% max weight

2x25 twisted situps on the hanging bench (hang from knees on a 45% decline)

... Read More

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