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The Silence with the Spams - New Chat Feature Incoming
Posted On 02/23/2018 22:28:07 by mmotony

With the launch of Legion, World of Warcraft players who're reported too many times by others are going to be Icecrown Gold given an account-wide silence. The first offense after investigation by Blizzard will result inside a 24-hour ban that doubles per subsequent infraction. According on the site, this gives players to report those who will be engaging in "inappropriate interactions on various channels".

    Silenced Players Are Unable to:
     &... Read More

Raid Preview - The Emerald Nightmare
Posted On 02/22/2018 22:31:41 by mmotony

With the release on the first World of Warcraft: Legion raid approaching, Blizzard has brought the wraps from the Emerald Nightmare, an encounter that can pit players against seven 'malignant' bosses that now infest the once peaceful place of repose for Druids as well as the Green Dragon Flight.

    Ever since first hints in the Emerald Dream were unearthed in classic World of Warcraft over the decade ago, it is a place players and developers alike have needed to explore... Read More

Three Top Guilds Stripped of Mythic Helya Kill Honors
Posted On 02/21/2018 22:08:54 by mmotony

Three with the first five guilds to get Helya inside World of Warcraft: Legion raid, Trial of Valor, have already been stripped on the achievement for this and all participants happen to be banned on the game for Warmane Lordaeron Gold eight days. The three guilds (Exorsus, From Scratch and Limit) used a known exploit to get Helya, the raid's final boss. Method and Serenity, the opposite two guilds within the top 5, failed to use the exploit and achievements stand, including Method's world fi... Read More

Bone Up On Your Azerothian History in Chronicle Volume 2
Posted On 02/20/2018 22:34:08 by mmotony

For World of Warcraft players who love the lore and "history" of Azeroth, today is an effective day together with the release of World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2. These two volumes give you Warmane Gold for sale the backstory and lore behind WoW. Volume 2 gives additional information about the good Draenor, the First and Second Wars, the Gorian Empire, Apexis Arrakoa plus much more. In addition, iconic characters including Aegwynn, Medivh, Khadgar, Garona and Deathwing are portion of the... Read More

More Diablo 3 in WoW? - Datamining Reveals 'Riftstones'
Posted On 02/19/2018 22:41:37 by mmotony

It appears more and more Diablo 3-like content articles are coming to World of Warcraft in v7.3. Dataminers at IcyVeins.com have uncovered the "Depleted Riftstone" along with the "Charged Riftstone", rogues of which "allows entry into Lesser Rifts and Greater Rifts". Diablo 3 players will likely be intimately accustomed to Cheap Warmane Gold the term as being the content sending players (solo or perhaps groups) into randomly generated locations with tiered difficulty.

A consider the re... Read More

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