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the bride should be the most beautiful woman on the planet
Posted On 04/20/2014 20:17:19 by facejuny

Long evening dressesk is one of the brands of the best known mode of the planet. When I was a little girl I thought that any fashion held to models of Versace and Valentino, not you?Valentino is considered to be one of the most important and innovative world of fashion designers. Its great success are many and recognized throughout his career with different discounts prices such as the French Legion of honor and received Superstar Award in 2005 for the Fashion Group International. His infinite creativity and the enormous success of his firm make his name a synonym of imagination and elegance, modernity and beauty.Valentino left his small hometown, Voghera, to study fashion design in Paris, European capital of culture and the Haute Couture of this era. There, he developed and refined his talent.

It was even privileged to work alongside Jean Dess├Ęs and Guy Laroche.Au beginning of the 1960s, he moved to Rome, where he established his first workshop. At the time of the 'Dolce Vita', Hollywood stars were constantly visiting the city: walks in the city or even the filming of movies, which one day would become part of the history of cinema. Every day, a young designer gloss and different name began to be more and more known and with the reputation. These are the beginnings of Valentino. In 1967, in recognition of its indisputable mastery for the Italian couture, he received the Neiman Marcus, the equivalent of the film Oscar Award.

The Spanish brand of bridal fashion, Pronovias, account with Valentino designs since the year 2005, and since his first collection, he had a huge success in the world of bridal fashion.Called "the architect of dreams", Valentino offers us his wedding dresses for the year 2009: the exclusivity and luxury that identify this sign, elegance and an evocative glamour, but above all, beauty and a such seduction that nobody can save themselves from the hypnotic enchantment of Valentino models. Objective: the bride should be the most beautiful woman on the planet.Dresses that remind us of the majestic Italian aristocrats but always with the touch of lace, fabric particularly used by Spanish signs.

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