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criticized Wenger sustained
Posted On 12/23/2014 18:02:30 by jjhgm52

criticized Wenger sustained employment standards, so often seen on live courtside temperature  shivering, back surface field is a bit bloodless not surprising.This season, the former Arsenal last season against the other seven teams of eight has yet to get a win. Take the first round of the season and before 7 compa  nike free 3.0 v6 womens red to the previous season's record: the corresponding cycle 2013/2014 season, at home to Manchester City flat, away negative Liverpool, Chelsea away negative, negative away Everton, Tottenham wins at home, at home Ping Manchester United (1 win and 5 losses to get a total of 4 points); flat Manchester City at home this season, away negative Chelsea, Liverpool away flat, flat road Everton, Tottenham level home, the home of Manchester United negative, 0 wins, 5 draws and 2 A total of 5 points still get negative lackluster. Arsenal case of strong, weak pseudo-wealthy did not improve the chronic shred, Wenger has been conservative and rigid tactical thinking of getting away from the mainstream political arena.If that does not change with Arsenal thousand poor signings, injuries too, poor positioning of the ball defenseIlls to criticize Wenger "no man" will be unfair, then, says Wenger afraid to change, afraid to introspection, afraid to progress, it should be no problem at all. Beijing yesterday morning, ending Brazil's four-nation women's football tournament battle for third place, the Chinese team in Brasilia Garrincha National Stadium Women's goalless draw with Argentina in 90 minutes, the game is not set in overtime or penalty links, 

according to previous single No. 3 round robin stage performance, the Chinese team to get this tournament runner-up.Chinese women's football in the round-robin stage of the final round to tie the finals, but unfortunately with a defeat on the hosts in Brazil than 4 Women to inferior goal difference behind the US team, with only three battles negative, not a ball Jin, lost 17 balls Argentine Women were competing for third place a week ago in a single round-robin stage of Chinese women's football once swept 6-0. But yesterday this battle for third place, Argentina Women played very tenacious.The game, the Chinese women's football coach Hao Wei starting lineup for only two adjustments: Li Ying and Li Jiayue were replaced  nike free 3.0 v5 womens  Tang Jiali, Lidong Na. In the case of almost all the main battle, the Chinese team failed to score. Hao Wei said after the game is not very satisfied with the process and outcome of the game. The same opponent, the score of the week two were 6-0 and 0-0, you can see the status of women's girl is not yet stable. Guangzhou Hengda players may announce the first sign of the new season this week, the 23-year-old midfielder signed from Dalian Al Bin Zhang Jiaqi.Guangzhou Hengda announced at the end of every year, the introduction of new players habits at the end of last year and announced Mrs Mei Fang joined the news. Guangzhou Hengda end of the year to give the fans a "New Year's gift" is probably Zhang Jiaqi. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Zhang Jiaqi Hengda will be the new season's first signings. 23-year-old Zhang Jiaqi after 

the season had become a target of Guangzhou Hengda signings, midfielder position due to the current staff Hengda abundant, so the young Zhang Jiaqi can be regarded as a talent pool, but Zhang Jiaqi in the competition there is a certain advantage, he has a 1.92 m in height, to improve Hengda originally weak defense capability of some help, but Zhang Jiaqi as a budding international players, there is great potential.Zhang Jiaqi or returning players Liuyang, in 2008 he went to France in a personal capacity, in 2010 entered the Le Mans club youth system, one year after the signing of Le Mans three years after becoming the first European club youth system on Chinese culture in football history and young players get a professional contract. nike air presto 3 shoesZhang Jiaqi became Le Mans reserve captain, February 8, 2013 Le Mans 1-1 draw away to Clermont in the game, and played the full 90 minutes Zhang Jiaqi starting to realize personal Fayi debut. Then once Ruishi Xi Yong Zhang Jiaqi phase, but because of the Swiss league players registered open-ended, he was unable to stay with the team. In February this year, Zhang Jiaqi as a free agent to join the Dalian Albin and Super 20 appearances last season.Dalian Albin after falling into the armor, several key players in the transfer market to become "meat and potatoes", and Guangzhou Hengda Zhang Jiaqi favor with Canada, Hong ice is repeatedly rushed to Dalian negotiations, the two sides eventually agreed. Chinese Football Association vice chairman Zhang Jian on December 21 of 2014 Chinese Football Association League summary of the 

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