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Transforming the Nationals' locker room for Capitals
Posted On 12/30/2014 19:42:20 by yyyjia

It’s late in the day and darkness is falling NHL Corey Perry Kids Jersey over Nationals Park and the glistening rink upon which an NHL game will be played in less than 48 hours. And still, Brock Myles is in motion. This has been the case since the early hours of the day for the Washington Capitals' equipment manager and his crew as they prepare for what might be their biggest professional challenge: making a new home for the Capitals in the completely foreign surroundings of a professional baseball park. That means taking virtually every item that might be used for a hockey game, packing it up, loading it onto a truck and unloading it in the Washington Nationals' clubhouse. Everything. Skates, laces, tape, coffee, cream, blades, sticks, deodorant, shampoo, gum. Everything. What does an equipment manager and his crew -- which includes Craig "Woody" Leydig, Dave Marin and Ray Straccia -- do? Well you start with everything and go from there. What’s it like? “A lot of pressure. A lot of pressure,” Myles said. “There’s pressure because it’s a show every night and you have to be on your 'A' game with these guys all the time." Players are like finely tuned automobiles, and Myles and his crew are the pit crew without whom success would be impossible to achieve. While the Capitals are skating at their http://www.nhlofficial.com/anaheim-ducks-c-554_564.html headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, Myles is boxing up everything from coat hangers to energy drinks to extra skate blades -- every size times two in case he needs to replace a player’s blades at a moment’s notice. "What are you going to do, say, 'Coach, he can’t play because he doesn’t have a blade?'" Myles said. This is the stuff of nightmares for an equipment manager and his staff. Netminder Braden Holtby wanders into a room at the back of the Capitals’ practice facility to ask about some new pads he’s ordered. Backup netminder Justin Peters is looking for a big needle and some thread to do a little repair work on some pants. A new pair of skates needs to be heated in a special machine. These are daily things, the rhythm of a professional hockey team. But Myles and his crew are also trying to put the finishing touches on the move to Nationals Park. The equipment manager breathes a sigh of relief when a shipment of specially designed Winter Classic skate guards arrives. They are piled in a bin in the Capitals’ locker room, and immediately after practice they're attached to skates and put in one of the many bags that will depart Arlington. "This is the stuff that’s kept me up a lot of nights lately," Myles said. Much of what will be moved has been special http://www.nhlofficial.com/henrik-lundqvist-jersey-c-1_309_310.html ordered with Winter Classic logos and designs, including the practice jerseys the team will use for their only practice at Nationals Park on Dec. 31 and of course, the jerseys that will be worn on Jan. 1. Not quite. Each player will wear four jerseys during the game, and after the game they will be distributed to various groups -- including the NHL and NHLPA -- for charitable purposes. That means preparing four sets of jerseys to each player’s specifications. Alex Ovechkin, for instance, has three tie-downs on the inside of his jersey that attach to his pants. Some players like a tapered cuff.

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