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Nike KD VIs 2017 Kevin Durant Basketball Shoes
Posted On 02/21/2017 03:08:38 by zx1314

Women Jordans 2017, Our impression of Durant is only one of the "Thunder Gemini". Then he picked up the team in the playoffs alone enough to make the audience understand that he is indeed a member of the superstar in the league. Although the reason for the team injury, the Thunder stopped the Western Conference semifinals, but this still can not cover Durant in the 12-13 season, gorgeous performance and great progress. During the offseason, we celebrated the sixth generation of signature boots designed by Leo Chang for Durant. After a period of publicity, this pair of shoes in the fans also won a good response. Today we look at the next, KD VI actual performance in the end how. In terms of overall modeling, the design concept of the KD VI is intended to be two words - simple. The shoe body uses a two-piece adhesive structure and in the inside supplemented by the car line to ensure the strength of the shoe body. In the shoes, we can clearly see the embedded fly line traces. As a pair of top-level signature shoes, applied to the main technology is a matter of course, but the more special is that its fly line and did not take this year's main lace suspension mode but directly in the shoe body. So that the possibility may lose the flying line for the adjustment of the elasticity of the shoe body, its decorative significance than the actual significance of greater.
New Jordans 2016, KD VI tongue structure is also extended from the left and right direction. The material on the outside of the shoe body is softer, so the punching treatment is placed on the inner side of the foot; and the inside of the shoe body is hard and embedded in the plastic material of the mesh surface is formed on the second layer of protection. So that when you can bring tight in the tight package can bring a very strong package, but as mentioned earlier, this pair of shoes shoes itself is too narrow, in the tightened lace after the degree of their parcels by the "rigorous" Rose to the "ferocious" level, the so-called too much when it is. KD VI lace structure did not take this year's particularly popular perforation with the design of the fly line, nor the use of Nike's usual fast lace system. From the sides of the shoe we can find that in the place should be the location of the shoe hole Nike each embedded in a thick line and firmly bonded to the upper layer, the reserved relaxation position as a shoe hole To use. But because the whole structure has taken a bonding method, after a period of actual combat after its durability can withstand the test? We have to wait and see in the end of the cushion structure, KD VI Daoshi used a more high-end front palm Zoom plus palm Max configuration. However, from the appearance of view, KD VI after the palm Max unit in the thickness of the previous reduction, the pressure strength should also be weakened. Of course, this is also possible because Durant's own weight does not need as LeBron IX as a large Max unit, called it as an improvement is no way.
Jordans 2017, KD VI with the front palm Zoom plus palm after the combination of the end of Phylon cushioning structure. In practice, this mix can be regarded as a classic. But the actual wear point of view, KD VI let us disappointed. After the palm unit Max unit due to reduce the thickness of the structure caused by reduced, for lightweight friends should be just right, but may be more than 80KG for users who may be some reluctance, let alone block the larger professional level. And the forefoot of the Zoom unit according to the actual wearing experience is likely to be just a rectangular domino Zoom, which for the daily cushioning demand is not enough. To Durant's style of play, his signature shoes should be more emphasis on the stability of the jump and landing when the cushioning. But unexpectedly the KD VI seems to be a pair of good sense of the ground to break the shoes. Because of its outsole is more sticky and the use of a small area of ​​the Zoom unit, KD VI in the movement between the action switch is quite smooth, for the disguised and turned and other actions is just right. If Westbrook is not injured, he should be very suitable for this pair of shoes.

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