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Cheap Fut Coins have complete control
Posted On 03/29/2017 19:24:39 by carolinecions

A great set-piece can make the match around, and so it’s important to Cheap Fut Coins have complete control over the attacking and defending aspects of it to avoid incurring a goal. EA Sports have re-written how set-piece works in FIFA 17, giving players an all new way to perform their corners or penalties.

Free kicks, corner kicks and penalties have been completely redesigned to provide more control and creativity from dead-ball situations.

Players can now decide whether to whip or loft a ball into the box using a new aim cursor for the delivery. They can also switch to a player in the box to create the perfect opportunity for a header.

The new system also makes the penalties a lot of fun, as well. For the penalty-taker, they will have complete control over the angle and speed of the player’s approach to the ball - instead of simply choosing power and direction allowing them to add a bit of their own personality to the kick. Sure, this will make penalties a lot more harder to achieve, but it’s far more authentic than before. http://www.imfifa.co

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