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Detailed Improvements Of Madden NFL 18 For Xbox One X
Posted On 11/09/2017 19:56:49 by madden

Xbox One X debuted worldwide and from this moment we can learn in depth the improvements that will have the games that have confirmed support for the new Microsoft console. If you are a fan of Madden NFL 18 and since yesterday you already have your Xbox One X, there is excellent news as EA Tiburon revealed the improvements that the game will have when running on the new platform.

In an interview conducted by Xbox Wire, Seth Christie, technical director of Madden NFL 18, detailed the improvements that the game will have in the new console. Those enthusiasts of maximum performance graphics will be happy to know that the deployment 4K at 60 fps is assured for the title, this according to Christie words: "the visual part has been improved to support 4K Ultra HD and the performance will be constantly 60 fps a Throughout the gaming experience, when you combine 4K Ultra HD, 60 fps constant and additional improvements like the increase in the detail of the camera, you immediately feel and feel the difference in experience, this means that some elements, like the helmets of the players and their faces are more realistic, giving you the feeling that you are there, in the stadium. "

On the other hand, Christie was motivated by the possibilities offered by Xbox One X to improve the gaming experience and spoke about the expectation of Electronic Arts in the future: "now we are able to deliver vibrant and detailed visual elements that were previously only in our Our games will continue to take advantage of these technologies to deliver more realistic experiences in our fans' rooms."

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