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The truth doesnt hurt Packers David Bakh
Posted On 11/14/2017 02:26:59 by sherry2018love

NFL players often pout either privately or publicly when they see their organizations prepare for their inevitable, eventual departure. That's human nature. Nobody wants to be replaced.MORE: Packers' top draft picks since 2000But Packers left tackle David Bakhtiariisn't pouting not publicly, at least. A rare Green Bay draft reach last month resulted in a new, nece sary body for its offensive line. Second-round pick Jason Spriggs figures to make an impact in some fashion right away, and Bakhtiari is cool with it."I completely understand David Johnson Jersey it," the 24-year-old tackle told Packersnews.com of the team's selection."Its very smart."Bakhtiariknows Spriggs, for now, is more of an insurance policy than his replacement. The anklethat forced Bakhtiari to mi s the last two games of the regular season and Green Bay's wild-card playoff win over Washington was one of multiple injuries that left the offensive line in shambles and Aaron Rodgers running for his life. Without Bakhtiari, the Packers got stomped by the Cardinals in Week 16 and lost the division title to Jaron Brown Jersey the Vikings in Week 17.MORE: Bakhtiari, literally a fresh face for PackHence the organization's draft reach. Spriggs' role for 2016 is not yet clear, but chances are it'll come to fruition when/if atacklegets injured."When I went down, or when (right tackle)Bryan (Bulaga)went down, we had a complete shuffle of the offensive line trying new guys every week," Bakhtiari said."We even tried Dorian Johnson Jersey a guard out there. I think (Spriggs)just really adds depth and really shores up, because thats a scary thing that you have No. 12 sitting back there, and he has his tackles go down especially in the same game."I 100 percent can see how the draft unfolded based on that."Bakhtiari is enteringthe final season of his rookie contract, meaning a solid fourth year will result in a big payday; meaning, if Spriggs becomes what the Packers hope he will, the team might not be as motivated to re-sign the veteran. Bakhtiari says he wants to stay in Green Bay and claims there's "mutual" interest in an extension this year, according to the report.MORE: Spriggs among impact rookies for'16"Me talking about it, me thinking about itaint going to get it done," he said." Tyvon Branch Jersey Me just coming in, working hard and doing what I have to do every day, thatll be the only contributing factor that I can do toward the next phase."No pouting at least Bakhtiarihas that going for him.

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