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Gaining Ground Against Valve's Steam Machines
Posted On 11/30/2017 00:26:14 by wotai

The specially designed PCs that were programmed using Pneumatic Butterfly Valve's SteamOS, called "Steam Machines" have begun to take their ultimate form. Initially, only Dell's Alienware had an officially named product, but now there are three, and an official Steam controller, a virtual reality headset, and the Steam Link, which streams the content to your HDTV so they don't even have to be in the same room any more.

At this year's PlayStation Experience, Sony showed off a more complete version of Final Fantasy VII remake, and the crowd loved it. That leads us to where we are today, and the developments taking place.

Not full exclusivity anyway. Sony got temporary exclusive rights to produce these titles on the PS4, after which time they will be released on PC. The exact time frame in between these releases is not yet known. This goes back to the problem I discussed in my first article, which was that games can be developed for Sleeve plug valve's SteamOS that are of a higher graphical quality, and distributed for less money.


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