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A Lack of Helium Around the World
Posted On 11/30/2017 22:47:59 by chinacryogenics

Helium Recovery dealers was first mined during the First World War when it was found to be a safe alternative to hydrogen in aircraft use. This is because hydrogen gas is extremely flammable as it readily combines with oxygen when provided with a heat source. Helium, however, is rather inert because it processes all the electrons it desires and so doesn't like to form compounds. In the case of warfare it helps to not surround oneself with a highly combustible material, especially when one finds many situations to be combusted! The U.S. began to hoard the helium it collected in the 1960s and by 1991 the U.S.

Federal Helium Reserve stood at 32 billion cubic feet. In 1996, Congress passed the Helium Privatization Act, selling the helium to the highest bidders in an attempt to earn a profit on their reserve (which had up to that point remained a deficit), with the expectation that all the helium will be sold by 2015, and so that the helium market could transition to the private sector and out of government.

Instead, it created a depreciation in the value of the helium which drove costs down and thus prevented the competition necessary for the private sector to succeed. Congress tried to remedy this in 2013 with a new bill but it has only made the situation worse. As of 2008, the Reserve stood at 19 billion cubic feet and continued to drop but because of these goofs, the expected run out date has actually been extended. By 2020, five years later than planned, it is estimated that the U.S. will completely run out of helium purification system.


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