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Valentine’s suit underwear
Posted On 12/04/2017 23:48:59 by swimmingsuits

HARDLINE union heavyweight John Setka suit underwear is ­offering Valentine’s Day ­advice to his members on how to buy lingerie for wives and girlfriends, in a bizarre online video.

The CFMEU boss poses awkwardly with racy lingerie womens bikinis sale in the 15-minute film clip the first instalment in a new online union TV channel.

His wife, Emma Walters, a high-flying cheap swimming suits lawyer, also appears in the video where Mr Setka reveals that she has a personal preference for G-strings. The clip, seen on the CFMEUs Victorian website. was shot inside the French ­Bikini lingerie store in Carlton.

In it, Mr Setka shares his words of wisdom on wooing. He tells his 30,000 members to go through your wifes undies drawer and to leave receipts to show how much was spent on Valentines presents.

If you spend a lot of money, sometimes its good to discreetly leave the receipt somewhere so your wife or girlfriend know how much you care, he said. Mr Setka then proceeded to choose underwear for his wife to the tune of Sisqos 1999 hit, Thong Song.liengd478

Other segments in the program included on-site poetry from local CFMEU romantics, featuring such tender lines as: Roses are red/violets are blue/if your missus has a ­sister/bring her too.

Ms Walters also provides tips to building workers on romance. Dont assume its whats in front of your eyes actually open them for once in your life, she instructs. Listen to your wife, partner or girlfriend for one day.

Ms Walters also urged union members to actually shower for the occasion even if its only for Valentines Day.

Liberal industrial relations spokesman Robert Clark was not impressed: John Setka shouldnt be talking to his members about lingerie, he should be explaining why hes putting them at risk by getting Daniel ­Andrews to scrap drug and alcohol testing at sites.

A union spokesman said: CFMEU TV presents the human face of members.

The union yesterday lost its High Court appeal against a $1.25 million fine for its 2012 Grocon Emporium blockade.

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