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Functions and Uses of Gate Valve
Posted On 12/05/2017 21:51:45 by wotai
The Cast Steel Gate Valve which controls the flow of any type of liquid flowing through pipes is termed as it. It is used in most of the buildings and homes where there are pipes. Its include round handles which are seen on the bulbous section of the pipes.

The most commonly used valves include the flexible wedge and the solid wedge gate valve. There are different types of flexible wedge valves which utilises twin disc parts which are flexible. The parallel side valve is one of the most commonly and widely used flexible wedge valve. These valves are prominently used in stem systems as it can withstand expansion and contraction under varying climatic conditions.

The other variety of it includes the non rising stem valve which is used in places where there is space constraint. It is mostly used in underground pipes. Rotating the handles to the left opens the valves fully whereas rotating it to the right closes the valves completely. The stem of the shut off valve does not rise while opening and closing it.


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