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Centrifugal Pumps Purchase Considerations
Posted On 12/05/2017 22:28:18 by wotai

Pumps are rare gas purification of two types; positive displacement pumps and kinetic pumps with the centrifugal pumps coming in the latter category. Depending upon the requirements of the application, centrifugal pumps are available in different sizes, shapes and types ranging from big to small, high pressure to low pressure, meant for transferring liquids to gases etc. The basic structure of a centrifugal pump consists of six parts and they include the following:

• Impeller
• Pump body
• Bearing
• Pump axis
• Seal ring
• Stuffing box

The impeller is the most important component of the pump and its quick rotating speed is responsible for delivering large power. The pump body which is otherwise also called the shell supports the entire equipment. The pump axis transfers the electric motor's torque to the impeller while the bearing supports the pump axis. The seal ring has an important role to play in the working of the centrifugal pump; it helps to control the inner leakage, prolong the time of operation and increase the reflux resistance.

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