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Path of Exile: Bestiary Could Utilize The Atlas As A Means of Hunting
Posted On 03/12/2018 23:28:02 by pathofexileorbs

Bestiary could utilize the altas as a means of hunting specific red beasts instead of being mostly random. It would be pretty cool if red beasts showed up on the atlas as an indicator of which map you could farm to hunt a specific beast. Surely a master hunter like Einhar Frey would be able to track different beasts around the PoE world? Maybe Tora could lend a hand and provide her master tracking skills as well? For some tips or guides on this game, you can visit U4GM

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The beasts could migrate around the map (like tempests) every set number of hours (maybe every hour?) and the maps would have some sort of indicator on the atlas to show that a specific beast was spotted in that area. Maybe even just what type of beast (wilds/sands/etc.) was spotted there. If you like beasts in Path of Exile, you can gather more PoE Orbs, and choose your favorite beasts, fight together!


For balance reasons, not every beast would have to be present on the atlas at a given time, and a beast being spotted does not guarantee you will see that beast every map, but that there is a higher chance for it to appear if you would have found a red beast. Beasts would still be able to found as they are now, at random, so just because a map doesn't have the "X beast spotted here" symbol doesn't mean you won't find beasts in it. 

Regular mapping would be unaffected. Addition while the league is underway, but in the event that beasts actually make it to the core game, there's so much potential to make it a fun addition, so it doesn't hurt to discuss this now. 

Now that we have the Atlas, part of the old WB issues is gone. In any case, we already have the deterministic farming in the form of the map-specific (even map boss specific) divination card drops. Hunting the specific beasts in the specific atlas areas was so obviously a good idea, I don't understand why they didn't do it. Lack of time to program and balance the feature. It still doesn't solve the problem of shitty rewards for the effort spent - the vast majority of beastcrafting recipes are rubbish, after all.

Just to add to that, normal mapping would be unaffected. Beasts would still appear as they do now so you could ignore the mechanic entirely and still find them. Also, we didn't have an interface like the atlas to keep track of maps in an organized way back then, so third party websites were needed to track them which was part of the annoyance of Warbands/Tempest.

Bestiary could do just about everything better. Beasts could come with cool new mods that let us go crazy with crafting and actually gave a purpose to all the thousand recipes, like:

▶ Vaal Beasts: Corrupted beasts that when captured, grans you the ability to craft new recipes that give the crafted item a guaranteed corruption.

▶ Essence Beasts: 4 different Essence Beasts, Horror Beast, Delirium Beast, and you get the idea. These add the specific mod of the corrupted Essence onto the item you are crafting if you are crafting a rare item.

▶ Shaper and Elder Beasts: These add the Shaper and Elder mods (not actual Shaper and Elder mods, just gives it the Shaper or Elder attribute) to the item you are crafting. You can now add Shaper and Elder on crafted rares, and maybe even uniques for funsies (unless the community wants to keep those items rare). Can only be found in the respective maps with Shaper or Elder influence.

▶ Exalted Beasts: Guarantees 6 mods for the crafted rare.

▶ Ancient Beasts: Very rare beasts that guarantee a Tier 1 unique when used for crafting one.

▶ Harbinger Beasts: Guarantees that the specific mod you are crafting for a rare is the highest tier that the item level allows.

▶ Abyssal Beasts: Very rare beasts that guarantee 1 Abyssal socket, even on rares and uniques.

▶ Warband Beasts: Crafts Warband mods onto 


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