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Is There Any Currency Income When You Playing Path of Exile?
Posted On 03/14/2018 00:02:19 by pathofexileorbs

In Path of Exile, if you don't understand the next step for making money and don't understant any atlas strategy. So how good players are full of exalted juste day 2-3? Is there any currency income you are missing? wealth is a huge area of the game as it offers a superior different options to savor the sport. Search for your wealth is within itself a huge part from the game.

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Lab is more profitable than that. Also if you are farming really fast (fast clear speed) you will do more than 20c per hour for sure. Also having all the atlas helps since maps sell really well if they are high tiers and atlas completion make you drop more. Then if people do several builds a league, when reselling their previous char items they make a lot of money most of the time. Also farming in group means you often have an magic find character with you and a support (which are insanes). In the end you are much faster clearing maps in group. Also knowledge of the game (what rares might be valuables for exemple) helps a lot and take a lot of time.

Also from trying flipping currency pretty seriously, I can say that it is really hard to make a lot of money with that (unless you are really patient). I guess nobody use that as their only way to make profit. Good item flipping is probably better actually.

All of that being said, i don't advise you to play mainly for profit, it will make you angry at the game when you can have a lot of fun trying builds for exemple. Also if you play enough you should be able to test most of the builds you want without concentrating too much on making currencies.

"How are players full of exalted day 2-3" : either they are cheating or playing a LOT with good knowledge of the game and in an organized party and with characters made for farming. If you want to learn more about Path of Exile, please follow U4GM.com.

Lots of currency Flipping and just knowing prices of what will go up and investing early as well as what sells early. An example is for leveling stuff first few days can get 1alch-1c for 1 good res leveling gear. Selling almost anything first day or two is nice and being able to play right away first hours of league is pretty big. Knowing what to flip and such helps even more later. Man if you can keep up tons of tabs you can make a lot on live-searches too

I don’t stop for chaos recipe but depending on how you do it can be worth. Like all accessories first the. Other pieces when you relatively full. Also I only run it ID if I do it. ID all rare belt/ring/ammy and throw it in 5c tab. if someone bites sell it. If no bites use for recipe when tab full. If spammed immediately reconsider price you might have a big value item. 2 tabs of this and using first for recipe while second is being filled gives you a buffet of time they’re up for sale to get potential sales. Done this since harbinger sometimes bothering to do the recipe usually not. I also grab And ID T1-2 bases so I’ll have those in another tab with the same concept.

Well when you are new to POE you choose very bad "teachers". If you want make decent POE Currency, and don't have enough experience with mapping (mapping in 3.2 its garbage anyway), make uber lab farmer. Its not that hard learn lab mechanics, u making good currency running all key runs and when u hit good enchant ur rich.


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