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How To Create A Good Perfect Warrior of Maplestory
Posted On 05/13/2018 20:01:18 by bunny4385

When you might be level 70 on MapleStory 2 Mesos and you've the maker skill, consult Maha, then Lillin. Kill the thief crow, then collect 1 dark crystal, 3 sapphires, and 3 garnets. Use the company skill to produce something Maha asks. You will get 3rd job.Here we wll present you with some recommendations of Warrior Equips:Level 20-49Headgear: Andras Hat.Overall: Simply buy a general with a little little bit of strength, after which scroll it for dexterity.

This way, you add Accuracy(The Dex gives ACC) along with a little dose of attack.Gloves: Mushroom Kingdom Gloves, Ice Knight Chain Crampons (can perform 2% attack on PvP)Shoes: Squishy shoes are okay, however I believe you will get better shoes.Accessories: Larsons Challenger Equipment, Free Spirit Piercing.Weapon: Your Choice.Level 50-79Headgear: Zakum Hat (req: lvl 50), Lord Pirate Hat (req: lvl 55) or New World Bandanas. (req: lvl 70, is usually earned to get a limited time when Nexon opens a whole new server)Overall: Same as lvl 20-49.Gloves: Workgloves with 2-10 attack.Shoes: Your Choice.Cape: Pink Adventurer Cape, another good choice is a cape potentialed or containing your primary stat.Accessory:Your choice nevertheless, you should get: STR ring 1, any Silent Crusade rings.Level 80+Headgear: Scarlion HatOverall: Your ChoiceGloves: Brown workgloves with 12 attack or moreShoes: FacestompersAccessories: Your choice, however you should get STR rings 2-7, Warrior Symbols, Angelic Blessing, and then Pendants you will discover.

These everything is great choices to create your warrior great, they require a wide range of funding and maplestory mesos.In short, hope the following tips and Buy MS 2 Mesos tricks can assist you to create the perfect warrior.

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