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im a noob.
Posted On 03/10/2008 02:26:56 by DarkxRain
hi all im new. just thought i would see what this site is all about.

my name is kerri i am a big music junkie. i love it and i will listen to almost anything. as long as it isnt too twangy..or too much screaming. or just down right filthy. Im Mostly a modern heavy rock fan tho.

ill be 20 soon and just before i turn 21 ill be getting married to the man of my dreams..and yes i have him!!! unfortunately he is in iraq :(

Im bisexual and i live in Clarksville TN/ Ft. Campbell KY its all pretty much the same area. its about an hour outside Music City USA...Nashville. and i am looking for that girl to call my own. i thought i had found her but no such luck :( oh well the hunt continues. if anyone is interested hit me up!!!

im fun loveing humorous and i like to keep a good educated conversation for the most part. or just small chat. but if you arent serious dont bother....

well thats me if you wanna know anything else email me!


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