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POSTED BY: Andrea139 on 07/21/2014 03:03:02

Which is fut coins ps3 one of is 80 years history http://www.fifabags.com Shang of intercontinental circles, since 1930 first contest yilai, European team has never no in European yiwai of site shang took had champion, Czechoslovakia (1962), and Italy (one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one thousand nine hundred and ninety fourths), and Netherlands (1978), and Germany (one thousand nine hundred and eighty six-two thousand seconds) had in other continents playing into had finals, but are fall short, this Netherlands will only of other Chau representative Uruguay block in door outside, Has ahead of cracked has this plagued European team 80 years of blame phenomenon addition in World Cup history Shang, dang four strong by two support had took had champion team and two support non-Crown army composition Shi, no a exception of are is by claimed had Crown of team broke into finals, this Netherlands break has this a "practices", if another one semi-final Spain beat Germany, will appeared a session by two support never captured had champion team participate in of finals, also will produced a support new of champion team actually in such a support Netherlands team before, again powerful of magic curse also stand feet, Brazil once since 1990 to win the rule has lasted for 20 years, but this time the Oranje crushed. Looks, so-called law, and magic curse actually are is waiting people was break of history, field Shang eventually decided success of also is strength and State although because play utility and is controversy, but this support Netherlands is rendering out some "overwhelming" of signs, they not only recently 25 field game keep not defeated, and in 2010 of all game in the victory (10 field), this World Cup Shang 6 streak of scores even beyond has legend of 1974, so if Netherlands in finals in the again further, Cover of 1974 and 1978Twice in the finals have become "no ads" regret may not be an accident. Hope the Oranje can perform wonders, and to win, "" World Cup! Orange cast a vote! There is "food store--goal conjecture" and "hoarding weapons" event!


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