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POSTED BY: mtnba2k on 08/17/2017 19:04:47

Oklahoma was eye-opening and he really looked like the potential top-10 guy whom scouts came to Madden Mobile Coins know in high school. In that game, he scored 31 points on 13 shots, grabbed eight boards, dished six assists and recored four steals.But just a month later, his 0-for-12 performance against Texas Tech raised more red flags. In the first day of the Combine, he ended as the worst jump shooter, shooting just 32 percent from the floor.


Myck Kabongo is best when he's driving to the basket because his passing ability is a threat, but he would be even better if he had a 15-foot jumper. If Kabongo can develop that jump shot, it will open up his sky-high potential in the pick and roll. Right now, he really has to fight through defenders because they are sagging off of him. If they had to contest a jumper, he likely would have more opportunities getting to the rim.


When Kabongo does get to the basket, he throws up a lot of "miracle" layups (like this one) but everything is harder than it really should be. His great ball handling skills and spin moves get him to the rim but he lacks a left hand when finishing. He always finishes with his right, which  Instant Madden Mobile Coins forces him to make difficult layups.


Pro: Really showed he could get anywhere he wants to on the court. His percentage of shots at the rim was 5th highest for a perimeter player over the last three years (53%). His FTA/FGA is the highest of any perimeter player over the last three years (0.70).Con: His size and athleticism are not elite. He is basically Marquis Teague 2.0 as a shooter/distributorl.


SB Nation is posting scouting reports of each prospect in the 2013 NBA Draft. Learn more about San Diego State swingman Jamaal Franklin.NAME: Jamaal Franklin.SCHOOL: San Diego State.AGE ON DRAFT DAY: 21 years, 11 months.POSITION: Shooting guard.MEASUREMENTS: 6'5, 191 pounds, 6'11.25 wingspan, 8'7.5 standing reach.



RELEVANT ADVANCED STATS: 21.6 assist percentage this season. Franklin is as good a playmaker as you will find from the wing position in the draft.SB NATION BIG BOARD POSITION: No. 16.NBA CEILING: Andre Iguodala.NBA FLOOR: Marquis Daniels.JONATHAN TJARKS' ANALYSISIn his freshman season.


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