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Hooded Shirt

You’re sitting at your kitchen table staring at the last cookie that’s left in the cookie jar. You notice its golden brown color and the chocolate is oozing out of its sides. Temptation sets in; you try to resist as best as you can, but finally you give up, self-motivation fails you and you eat the whole cookie.

Well look on the bright side, you can always try and pretend you didn’t eat it. Then it dawns on you, as you’re feeling guilty about eating every last crumb, you remember your son asking you “Why does Santa always eat cookies?” As you ponder why you were asked this question, you think of all the ways to avoid giving an answer. As your son walks into the room you think of a great way of explaining it to him and you get him to sit down so you can explain this phenomenon.

You start off by explaining how chocolate is good for the Christmas jacket heart and 3D Hooded Shirt one needs to eat Hooded Shirt chocolate because the doctors say so. Then, you examine the ingredients for the batter and tell him how eggs help make the dough; you explain that they are an essential source of protein and nutrition. Thirdly, you explain how everyone needs a cookie sometimes. Especially Santa, when he’s busy delivering all those presents to the little boys and girls. It gives him energy and stops him from getting so hungry. It’s also imperative that Santa gets the vital cookies from every house as a gesture of appreciation for his visit. Lastly you explain that he drinks milk to wash down all of the cookies and to keep his bones healthy and strong. Santa needs milk to help him with the rest of his deliveries.

After you finish your jumbled speech, you see the smile on his face from the understanding you just gave him. He leaves happy to understand why Santa’s Hooded jacket diet of cookies and milk is good for you! As he leaves you sit at the table anxiously, suddenly you have a great idea and a smile lights up your face! Slowly you collect eggs, milk, and flour, and begin making another batch of delicious “Santa” cookies.

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