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About Me
Posted On 08/06/2008 12:57:16 by cudlycute


For those of you that do not know me,  I am a ver easy going, fun loving, romantical, and social person.  I love life and live to love.  I want to meet people all over the world.  I want to find the ONE person that completes me.  I feel that life is very short so you do not have time to dwell onthe mistakes of the past...live, learn, and go on!  I feel that life is what you make of it and that there are not always second chances, so if you tuely w... Read More

Posted On 08/02/2008 14:55:05 by B42069
Yesterday Is History.

Tomorrow A Mystery.

Today Is A Gift,

Thats Why We Call It The Present!... Read More

about me
Posted On 07/07/2008 15:33:02 by tpage
I'm 34 from Kansas single sweet kind and always a great friend

how to firm your breasts naturally
Posted On 04/10/2008 13:33:13 by dudees9
ha ha... I also found this!  I love working out!   Instructions Difficulty: Moderate Get Physical

Step 1:
Shore up your pectoral muscles, the muscles supporting the breasts, through everyone's favorite activity--exercise.

... Read More

bras cause your breasts to sag
Posted On 04/10/2008 13:27:34 by dudees9

I just read this and found it interesting!


According to a study done in a university in Tokyo: bras shape breasts, yes, but there are ligaments inside breasts the main puspose of which is to support them, and external support weakens them so they are no longer able to do so. So in other words, it's very possible that they sag MORE if you wear a bra.

See here:


http://www.breastnotes.com/aware/awa... Read More

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