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this is not one or two
Posted On 12/23/2014 17:58:46 by jjhgm52

 this is not one or two days can be corrected over.Reporter: Can you talk about what specific weaknesses Perrin: Why do you always mention the weaknesses  Why not mention that the team is very strong place  In football, we will not say his weakness outside, do not let others know our weaknesses. Snike Free run 3 mens ometimes I'm surprised, in Chinese football environment inside, from the media to the part of the social voice, and even some people... Read More

xperiencing the ups and downs
Posted On 12/23/2014 17:04:58 by vpyur52

op league, after experiencing the ups and downs, and now letting Lifan back to the top flight team. Chongqing Lifan football has done, we Chongqing fans see in the eyes, to be honest we should be thankful for Chongqing Lifan, you look, there are now professional league, how many private enterprises to support a professional team for 15 years. "In addition," big horn "also said: "No matter who took over the team last, best hope of our fans is the team to sta... Read More

otherwise Lifan do the
Posted On 12/23/2014 17:03:41 by vpyur52

Lifan Lifan club this week to play, Content is the transfer of the situation is not optimistic, hoping to get the support of relevant departments, otherwise Lifan do the worst, 'even sell, will give up next year's Super League qualification' basic is the report's words. "insider on told reporters.Speaking at this year's Super Lifan why when choosing the successful transfer of exit, there is no way the insider said: "Every year the club was put into Lifan Lifan holding... Read More

groups and clubs have been
Posted On 12/23/2014 17:02:57 by vpyur52

 obtain news: Lifan has never intended to, groups and clubs have been reported to higher authorities has played, the difficulties of the club, the transfer of ideas and the progress the transfer case, while indeed also mentioned in the report, "even though not sell, will give up next year's Super League qualification.""Exit" message virtual and realChongqing is nike Free 4.0 v2 saleasked to stay true to the government policy is to be falseYesterday morning,... Read More

arrings small Jiayi's left
Posted On 12/23/2014 17:02:19 by vpyur52

h a little gold earrings small Jiayi's left ear, in Shanghai, 10-year-old little girl dressed like this. "Because northern child has, she should see her smug " Ai began, red, small Jiayi blushing quickly covered her mother's mouth. Sports school children from primary school age span, a team trained together, the maximum six-year-old to be worse. And older children together, no doubt accelerate the speed of small Jiayi psychological maturity. Plus very  nike... Read More

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