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Travis Kelce fined nearly 25K for throwi
Posted On 10/25/2017 19:05:08 by sherry2018love

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has had some shining moments in his NFL career. Last Sunday against the Jaguars Michael Hoomanawanui Jersey was not one of them.Upset with a pa s interference no-call in the fourth quarter, Kelce threw a tantrum toearn an unsportsmanlike penalty. He reacted by throwing the towel stuffed in his pants at the referee. This is obviously frowned upon, so Kelce was flagged again and ejected from the game.MORE:Week 10 Delvin Breaux Jersey stats that stand... Read More

Rookie Derek Carr to start at QB for Rai
Posted On 10/25/2017 19:04:56 by sherry2018love

The Raiders, employing the good old "Ah, heck, why not?" method, are going with a rookie at quarterback.Oakland players were informed Monday thatsecond-round draft pick Derek Carr will start over veteran Matt Schaub. Coach Dennis Allen told reporters after practice that Carr is the full-time starter.MORE: Start Adam Thielen Jersey or sit: What's betterfor rookie franchise quarterback?| Backup QB confidence rankings | Top offensive rookies| Top 25 QBs"We've seen signs of Derek Carr's developm... Read More

DeAngelo Williams rants about role with
Posted On 10/25/2017 19:04:45 by sherry2018love

DeAngelo Williams wants everybodyto know he's more than capable of doing his job.The Steelersrunning back went on a rant Tuesday after he was asked about his comfort filling infor suspended tailback Le'Veon Bell. Williams reminded mediaof his former starting position at Benson Mayowa Jersey Carolina. Here'shisminute-long tirade, via ESPN :MORE: Bell's knee "close to 100 percent" | Big Ben wants to face Tom Brady"Let me make sure we get this straight. Because all the Le'Veon questions and... Read More

NFL Draft 2017 Texans Deshaun Watson pic
Posted On 10/25/2017 19:04:33 by sherry2018love

Andre Johnson had some frustrating moments with the Houston Texans. In his 12 years with the Texans he went through three head coaches, even more offensive coordinators, and went to the playoffs only twice.He didn't leave on the best of terms with the team and some of his frustrations boiled over before he left.When you bring a new coach in, you go through a rebuilding proce s, Johnson said in a 2014 interview with the Houston Chronicle. Some people say its not. Some people say its a quick fi... Read More

Anthony Rizzo Jerseys threw an 0-1 fastball to Contreras
Posted On 10/23/2017 01:02:53 by chicagocubsjerseyshop

Willson Contreras hit one of the highest home runs of the year and could only drop his bat in awe "Launch angle" has been the secret code word in baseball this year, as batters learned that the best way to hit dingers was -- not so surprisingly -- to get under the ball. Still, the goal is some slight loft on the ball. What Willson Contreras did was hit an actual moonshot -- in that the general trajectory was closer to a rocketship taking off -- when he tied the game at one during Gam... Read More

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