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Cryptocurrencies Are Assets Not Currencies
Posted On: 03/06/2018 17:43:42

Cryptocurrencies Are Assets Not Currencies

 Netanyahu openly commented on the future of the banking system, seen through a youtube video. He believes that blockchain technology will replace traditional banks as a result of bitcoin's growth this year. Who the hell really cares about XRP? Sure he probably tripled his money and had invested $100,000 initially, he would have about $300,000 right now. Other coins are more volatile than XRP via bitcoin, bitcoin cash, monero and so forth. I should know cause those are my main coins and was lucky enough to have bought all of them when it was significantly lower than now. I also invested 700 bitcoin gold in which I bought when it was $190-$200/bitcoin gold. I'm hoping it triples, or get the same pump bitcoin cash did down the line maybe Feb 2018 or Summer of 2018. My point is that there are many other coins that are more volatile than XRP and had you invested the same amount of $, you'd probably be better off with those other coins than XRP.

Cryptocurrencies just made a huge leap from use in the financial arena to mainstream. Through this pairing, any one of Overstock's customers will now have the option of making a purchase by using any one of the cryptocurrencies available, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. With this move, Overstock is now the first major retailer to accept multiple forms of cryptocurrencies as payment.

Bitcoin is digital currency And it is at very higher level its safe , secure, transparent, and open source but still has limitations as if you dont have internet connectivity you cannot access your wallet so bank is must at the bottom level but major transaction can be done with bitcoin or other altcoin and that is the main loss of banks as bank cannot get exchange charge or commission.

, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in a recent Q&A session with the reporters was presented the question of whether or not to invest in Bitcoins. The famous Israeli PM gave a very interesting and appropriate perspective to the very question by elaborating that if we are presented with the option to sell money, most of us don't exactly understand the regulations, which is why we trust mediators. He enlightened that Banks are the mediators and very soon they will disappear. He further remarked that he is not sure whether the Bitcoin could be a reason behind the Bank's doom but the very rationale is helping in the surge of Bitcoin.

The finance and business sectors aren't the only ones that are closely watching cryptocurrency industry. Several governments have shown interest in cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology. The Estonian and Tunisian government have already experimented with their own fiat-based cryptocurrencies. The Russian government sees another use case for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In the last couple of years, Russia has been under heavy financial sanctions from western countries. After Russia annexed Crimea, many politicians suggested banning Russia from accessing the banking system, SWIFT. here you can find your next provider.

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