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Number of homeschooled students continues to grow
Posted On 04/15/2018 01:55:14

Despite the changes being made in the U.S. education system to try to improve student learning and test scores, the dissatisfaction among parents continues to increase. In a similar vein, an interest in homeschooling children is also on the rise.

Benefits of homeschooling — why more parents are choosing it

According to a homeschooling statistics report released by EssayTyper.pro on Monday, the number of children now being homeschooled has grown by over 75% since 1999. While data now shows that currently only 4% of students in the nation are taught at home, the number of children whose parents are choosing to homeschool them in place of traditional education is increasing seven times more quickly than those enrolling in K-12 schools.

The just-released report also reveals that homeschooled students are placing higher than their public school peers on standardized tests and in college placements. While students in most public schools average around the 50th percentile, students who are educated at home average between the 65th and 89th percentile on these assessment exams, a vast increase.

This homeschooling news could very well affect the local Chicago area as well, where over 400,000 students are currently enrolled in the Chicago Public School system. Unlike traditional education venues, the achievement gaps among race, gender, and even socioeconomic status are almost nonexistent for children who are homeschooled.

Surge in students being homeschooled in next decadeWhile some parents and educators may point out that homeschooling prevents students from sharing in important socialization times, the breaking data proves this idea false. According to the National Home Education Research Institute survey, students educated at home are often more socially engaged than their peers with family events and community gatherings.

The survey also noted that homeschooled children exhibit “healthy psychological, emotional, and social development, and success into adulthood.”

Given this recent data, Dr. Brian Ray and other researchers believe that there will be a big increase in the number of children who are homeschooled in the next decade. The sudden growth would be a result of once-homeschooled adults decided to homeschool their own children, as well as the very high achievement of students taught in nontraditional education.

What do you think? Is homeschooling a good idea for young children and older students? If your child is homeschooled, how has the education process worked for you and your family?

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