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Barcelona won a victory over Roma
Posted On 04/07/2018 02:01:14

The current UEFA Champions League Barcelona and Real Madrid are currently very smooth, and now it seems that they all hope to enter the top four. If the two teams meet in the semi-finals, then there will be three national derbys FIFA Coins in the two weeks from the end of April to the beginning of May.

The guest scene to Juve, Real Madrid 3-0 victory over the opponent, the initiative has been firmly in his hands. Barcelona also won a 4-1 victory over Roma in the first round. As long as there is no problem with itself, there is a high probability that it will advance to the next round.

At present, the top 4 of the Champions League, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​have already taken two places. As the two teams that win the highest praise, if they want to lift the championship trophy, there is bound to be a battle between them.

If Real Madrid and Barcelona meet in the semi-finals, it will be happy for the fans. The first half of the Champions League semi-final is on the 25th or 26th of April and the second on May 2nd or 3rd. The second round of national derby for La Liga this season is May 7th. In other words, in less than two weeks, there will be three national derbys. The draw for the semi-finals will be held on April 13th. At that time, the top 4 teams will all be produced and the match will be revealed. Of course, if Real Madrid and Barcelona did not meet in the semi-finals and each defeated the final opponent to reach the finals, the significance of the country’s derby would be even more extraordinary.

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Walker is good and fast
Posted On 04/05/2018 01:29:18

What players are used in each position of FIFA18?

This article brings you FIFA18 player's recommendation in every position and in the entire lineup. You can refer to it if you need it. Hope to help you.


In De Gea and Butterland, I personally feel that the only goalkeeper in the Premier League who needs such as the two goalkeepers, no money for Buttland FIFA Coins, rich de Gea, others, does not feel stronger than the 2000 or so. It is said that Karrius's land reclamation is also good, but he has never used it.

Edge position

Do not mix the left Ross did not have to say, mix and match, then said Sandro is good, the poor have not used. Right-back, Walker first, Valencia, Aniye tied. Walker is good and fast, and his defense is good.

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The biggest BOSS I have seen so far
Posted On 04/03/2018 19:39:36

"Ark: survival and evolution" distortion DLC final BOSS what skills? How to fight? Many players are not very clear. The following will bring you the final BOSS attack means and play in detail Buy ARK Items, players want to pass through to see it!

The BOSS name is Rockwell, which is just a tentacles and is the biggest BOSS I have seen so far.

When entering the BOSS room, the area is similar to the ground version of the surveillance of the room and should be larger.

The next step is a BOSS attack ARK Survival Evolved Items. The BOSS is divided into 6 phases. The first phase is equivalent to warm-up. It will not attack you. You just need to tap all the tentacles around the pool. Don't worry about falling into the water, because it won't go.

After playing the tentacles, the BOSS will have a weak period. At this time, you only need to stand on the opposite side of the BOSS. There is a platform to go down and hit his heart. After hitting a certain amount of blood, the BOSS will rise again. And reclaiming his whiskers

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Manchester United's performance this season is not ideal
Posted On 04/02/2018 19:35:53

According to the British media "The Sun" report, Manchester United will soon be renewed with Degea. The two sides will sign a five-year contract, and De Gea’s weekly salary will rise to 350,000 pounds. It is expected that Manchester United and Degea will officially complete the contract before the World Cup FIFA Coins.

"The Sun" said that after the renewal, De Gea will become the second highest paid player in the history of Manchester United, second only to Sanchez's weekly salary of 505,000 pounds. Manchester United can be described as full of sincerity. In order to prevent possible expansion of Real Madrid this summer, Manchester United had a preliminary contact with Degea on the renewal of the contract early in the season. This month, Manchester United and Degea’s team will officially open negotiations to finalize the contract details.

An insider insider said: "Manchestery hopes that De Gea will know everything has been done when the World Cup returns. Ibrahimovic’s departure has freed up more salary space. Manchester United wants to show the world that Degea will not leave. A renewed appointment is a statement."

It is reported that Real Madrid, who has been playing in Degea recently, has also cooled its enthusiasm and turned to other more realistic goals. Although Manchester United's performance this season is not ideal, but De Gea is still very satisfied with the effectiveness of his command.

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A major international football game
Posted On 04/01/2018 19:24:40

The "Europe Cup 2012" is a DLC based on "FIFA 12" specially developed by EA for the UEFA European Cup held in Poland and Ukraine in 2012. This is the first time that EA has sold the game version of a major international football game in DLC, not as a stand-alone game. The "Europe Cup 2012" was first released on April 24, 2012.

EA claims that although the "Europe Cup 2012" is in the form of DLC, it is more than DLC. From the point of view of additions, this is indeed the case: In addition to the traditional Tournament Tournament Mode FIFA Coins and Challenges Challenge Mode, the increased Expedition Campaign model introduced the common elements of the “Geographical Pressure” SLG game for the first time to “ FIFA series of games.

In this mode, the player can select one of the players belonging to the UEFA's 53 countries as the captain of his team. The players other than the captain are randomly selected. The team name is determined by the player himself. After the start of the game, it is almost the same as the SLG picture. On the map of Europe, you can show the areas that can be attacked. After you select a certain area and win, you can get bonus players and unlock new areas. There are also corresponding penalties for losing the game. From this point of view, the "Europe Cup 2012" is indeed more abundant than the average DLC.

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The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns
Posted On 03/30/2018 19:19:12

The NBA has a long and glorious history. Countless players have performed their own legendary performances. These performances deserve respect and need to be remembered. Let us look at what memorable moments have occurred in history today.

Twenty-six years ago today, Kevin Johnson scored 9 of 15 shots in 43 minutes and sent 27 points, 4 rebounds and 20 assists to help the Phoenix Suns take the Portland Trail Blazers 128-111 at home. This victory also made Suns coach Cotton Fitzsimmons the head coach of 800 career wins in his sixth coaching career in NBA history NBA MT Coins. FitzSimons once coached 21 seasons in the NBA, achieving a total record of 832 wins and 775 losses in the regular season with a winning percentage of 51.8%.

Twenty-two years ago today, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns 97-83 at home and their single-month record was 16-0. The Spurs became the 11th single team in NBA history to maintain a full victory. They also tied the record that the Los Angeles Lakers held the most single-game winning month (December 1971).

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Eli Manning has apparently been in a declining state
Posted On 03/29/2018 19:03:27

At this year's Alliance Annual Conference, we saw a soap opera that could last long.

Did the relationship between New York Giants and star receiver Oder Beckham (Odell Beckham) become irreparable?

Dave Gettleman, the team’s general manager, is trying to maintain a balance that will ensure that he stays in potential deal negotiations NFL Coins without publicly admitting or denying that they are interested in trading Beckham.

In an interview to be asked if Beckham is still part of the Giants program, Gateman replied, "The bottom line is that, as Ernie Accorsi taught us, you will not give up Players."

"He is a member of the team," said Gateman. "I don't know if I would die of a heart attack two seconds later. I hope not. Although it is more valuable for my wife to live than die. But no, no kidding. He is a member of the team. What do you want me to tell you?"

When asked to make it clear that Beckham would not be traded, Geithman only said: "He is now a member of the team."


Gateman doesn't feel that trading his best player is a good idea, but it doesn't stop the Giant from considering all options.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Giants are indeed listening to Beckham's offer, and several teams have contacted the Giants this week.

Maybe one of the quotes comes from the Los Angeles Rams? Rams coach Sean McVay said in an interview that they will consider all possible transactions. If the ram intends to trade Beckham, the giant's asking price may include the 23rd pick in the first round of the Rams' draft this year. According to reports, the ram is willing to take the draft pick. Laporte reported that insiders agreed that in order to get Beckham to pay at least one first-round show and may have to pay more.

Gateman also talked about the Ram's interest in Beckham and Beckham's reports that he would not play before he renewed his contract. "There have been two reports of Oder in the past two days, okay? They claimed that he would not play without a contract, and that the Rams were interested in trading him. I understand the content of these reports. People are always To report something, I understand."

"But I want you to understand this: neither Oder nor the agent contacted us on these two reports. So, clearly, I wouldn't respond to any reports. As I said before, I Every decision made is for the best interests of the New York Giants."

Although the Giants are disappointed with Beckham's immature behavior, unless they plan to rebuild after a 3-13 season, it is not wise to give up one of the league's best receivers.

In the past three years, Eli Manning, who has apparently been in a declining state, reported 66 touchdowns with interceptions in the presence of Becks. In the absence of Beckham, the two figures were 14 touchdowns and 14 passes were intercepted. In addition, Manning's quarterback rating will fall from 91.5 to 75.0.

If Gateman plans to pick a non-quarterback player in the standings and continue to use 37-year-old Manning as the starting quarterback, he can't get good results without Beckham.

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Subsequent reviews praised the player experience
Posted On 03/28/2018 19:21:06

The rocket alliance has received positive reviews from video game critics throughout its life cycle. Positive feedback is aimed at multiplayer games of the game, its graphics and visual effects, especially in the comparison of fighting vehicles; Subsequent reviews praised the player experience in the game.

The criticism is focused on the game's physics engine, although the consensus on the topic is mostly unclear, with some defending engines. And during the Metacritic which distribution normalization evaluation is 100 comments from mainstream critics Rocket League Crates, receives an average of the original PC and PlayStation game 4 published scores of 86 and 86, suggests that "general favorable comment". It is a similar score for the back port of the game.

In reviewing the rockets league "beta preview, ozzy shia Shacknews praise Psyonix method to update the fighting vehicles use the PlayStation 4 hardware and graphics describe as' excellent" and "brittle" in detail, and points out its consistent frame rate. Robert Su Ma Destructoid Shared shia's point of view, and think the game is "anyone want their racing and sports games together interesting options", describe your game is addictive and fun hell."

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The giant aquatic creatures swimming around
Posted On 03/27/2018 19:12:05

The top ten most hated species in the Ark, the first one you absolutely can't think of

X. Piranha

The giant aquatic creatures swimming around each time are swarming in groups. Once they have no time to come ashore, they will gnawed at your eggs and become the highest ruler in the water.

9. Ancient Ma Lu

The most disgusting but worms, the ancient Ma Lulu is exactly what we now commonly know, it will spit out the unknown liquid, make your clothes quickly rot! And, playing against Gu Ma Lu can not be close combat ARK Items, no matter how high your durability will hit it a lot of durability! So the best option for a gun is to detour.

Eight, Titans

For players who are very scared of snakes, seeing the Titans on the ark must be preceded by a shock and then run away. The squeaky sound of the Titan's giant cymbals sent you an absolutely tingling back, and the attack was accompanied by a vertigo effect. However, the Titans are very fragile and their bodies have thigh meat. If they are fainted, they should shut down their voices. If you don't know, you will always hear him yell to death!

Seventh, animal beast

When you walk and suddenly land on the ground to drill a beast, is not afraid? I'm afraid that it will be too late to be scared and it's too late to see. The person with low blood may hang directly, but the beast beast is actually rare in the Ark.

Six, saber tooth tiger

Run fast! High vision! Typical novice killer! Just take a meteor hammer and vent your hate for ages!

V. Leeds fish

When you drive a houseboat filled with supplies and you are far away from the shore, there is a good chance that a fish head will be frantic towards your boat butt and you and your supplies will be buried in the sea.

Fourth, pig crocodile

The pig crocodile has a higher field of vision than the ostrich and will jump. The player who encounters the pig crocodile is careful to lock it by the throat Cheap ARK Items. He is squatting and running around. Everyone should understand that ~ The first time you bite, you must take out a weapon and face him. The crocodile's head is fierce and then you will find: how TMD is so brittle?

Third, ostrich

The ostrich creatures in the Ark Mangroves run faster than the fast-blooded blood, and they also appear in groups. If your equipment is not good, you can only accept the death sentence.

Second, hurt tooth dragon

Damaged tooth dragons are often found in mangroves and woods. If your resistance is not high, you are likely to be stunned, and then enjoy the sense of being captive by the dragon!

One, fish and birds

I said that the fish and birds are the most gnawing creatures in the Ark. This is certainly no one to refute. Birds and fishes are robbers, but you take them away and take them away. Unlike the thief dragons, they take you and run and kill the thieves and the dragons can bring them back. The fish and birds will take away all the food and then eat it. Continue to steal, I believe you certainly did not experience the feeling of being ran away with 8,000 anesthetic (1w stacking), said more are tears ...

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