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The Labyrinth Is A Randomly Generated Dungeon In Path of Exile
Posted On 03/18/2018 23:50:06

The Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon filled with traps, puzzles and monsters. Completing the Labyrinth for the first time unlocks a character’s Ascendancy class and points for the powerful Ascendancy skill tree. It also offers equipment enchantments, several unique items, and competitive leaderboards.

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After completing the first six Trials of Ascendancy, the player can enter the Aspirant's Plaza through the Statue of the Goddess in the Sarn Encampment. The plaza has a waypoint that can be accessed from any act (it appears next to the hideout icon). The Plaza is where the player chooses which labyrinth to enter.

The Labyrinth must be completed in one run without dying.

▶ The Labyrinth can be attempted as many times as desired.

▶ There are no waypoints. Upon death, players must resurrect in town and the current Labyrinth ends. Disconnecting, logging out, or exiting the game also ends the current Labyrinth. The Player will resurrect in the town of the act they came from.

▶ Players may not use town portals, except to leave. When using a portal, a warning message will confirm the choice to abandon the current Labyrinth. This portal will take the player to the Act 3 town, regardless of where it was entered.

▶ Any keys found must be used in the current Labyrinth. Like quest items, keys cannot be traded or moved to a stash. Unused keys will be dropped (destroyed) when leaving the Labyrinth.

▶ The stash is accessible before each encounter with Izaro, and in the Ascendancy Chamber.


The rooms of the Labyrinth are still randomly generated but connections between rooms and content of rooms only change daily. All rooms exits will be in the same relative place and if room has a key, darkshrine or other element, all instances that day will have the same element. It is changed daily at midnight (00:00) UTC. 

When the Labyrinth is generated, keys to locked doors are placed behind traps, hidden passages are created that connect areas, and secret rooms are placed. Three times, the player encounters Izaro, and the fight will evolve depending on the player's actions in previous encounters. The first two fights end when Izaro's hitpoints are reduced to 2/3 and 1/3 respectively; the last one ends when Izaro is defeated.

In short, they'll get you through most of Path of Exile's medium-difficulty content so that you can stockpile currency to spend on more expensive poe orbs-viable characters. Even if you don't care about that extra hard endgame content, though, any of these builds will let you experience all but the most challenging of Path of Exile's maps.

Don't Neglect Prophecies In Path of Exile
Posted On 03/18/2018 23:47:10

I've always used prophecies as my focus to make currency at the start of the league. Afterwards i keep the chains at a convenient state so i can just trigger them (Day of sacrifice III, unbearable whispers III, etc.) and keep buying silver coins to sustain a 7 useful prophecy lineup at all times while mapping (especially in high tier maps). Here's a list of the most useful ones which people tend to ignore (for maps that is).

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▶ The obvious one "You will find Zana and complete her mission". Seal it, use it as soon as you re into red tier and/or struggling to progress.

▶ Tempests: Seal them. Yeah for real, seal them if you re not running red tier maps yet but you re heading towards them. They provide 30% IIQ (more than 4 chisls and Zana combined) and 30% IIR for what it's worth - If you re too lazy to check for the names: Ice from Above, Fire from the Sky, Crushing Squall, Lightning Falls and The Undead Storm - They're all going for 0.5-1c as of right now. (Vaal Winds is too expensive and does not provide 30%)

▶ The Twins: While most of the additional monsters spawned by prophecies dont have an innert ability to drop maps the additional rares spawned by that do.

▶ Deadly Twins: 2 Bosses. Although in this Thread. it is stated that twinned Boss do not double down on the 20% additional drop chance it is not stated that if the first one won't the second one doesn't get the chance to roll the additional map. Would need confirmation on that.

▶ Bountiful Traps: Seal it until you get to high tier maps. Not only do you get a Chance for cartographers up to T12, you also gain a LOT of additional monsters + the Chest drops. They re currently 2c each - so they might even be worth to be bought.

▶ Dreamer's Dream: You're not running high tier maps yet? Seal it. It's a chance for an additional map.

▶ The beautiful guide: 20% Quality with 1 chisl instead of 4. If you have a good rare map already and you dont want to scour/Alch/Chaos it again it's pretty useful though it can also achieved by chisis obviously.

▶ Only valid at the start of the league: Lost Maps. You get some T1 Maps from Chamber of Sins which you can trade up slowly with the help of 3:1 upgrade.

It might be nothing new to the majority of you but like stated above i haven't seen it being mentioned so far and it might help you. If you are in need of Path of Exile Currency, then you can find and buy in U4GM.

● Bonus List of prophecies which might contribute to my sustain of alchemy orbs (Pls note, that i use to loot basically all of the uniques since my lootfilter is strict already more or less):


● All of the inhabitation prophecies (Hungering Swarm, Soil Worms and Blood, Trembling Earth etc. etc.)

● All Tormented Ghosts related Prophecies (Ending the Torment, Possessed Foe, Forceful exorcism etc.)

● All conditional spawning prophecies (waiting in ambush + The scout + Wealthy Exile = lootpinata, an unseen Peril (additional magic pack), Four Rogue Exiles, Brothers of Necromancy etc.

Chains like Deadly Rivalry and even more so Anarchy's End provide a Shitton of additional Rogue Exiles resulting in more loot! Certain Unique drops from certain rare mobs. This one is a bit tricky but once you get a hang of the signature mobs spawning on certain layouts, it will become much easier for you. 

Path of Exile: Every Class Has A Specific Starting Area On The Skill Tree
Posted On 03/14/2018 00:04:08

Every class has a specific starting area on the skill tree. Starting at the top and working clockwise, we have the Witch, the Shadow, the Ranger, the Duelist, the Marauder, the Templar, and finally, dead center, the Scion.

The tree may seem a little intimidating at first, but it may make things easier to realize that you can group the nodes into four categories. If you like the tree, you can grab some PoE Currency on U4GM.

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Starting Areas: These areas are where you'll be starting your character, but there's absolutely nothing keeping you from heading toward another class's nodes! The nodes where you begin are often very powerful, and it's not a bad idea to scan your neighbors' starting points to see if they've got anything you could... borrow.

Paths: Approximately 30% of the skill tree is composed of nodes that grant +10 to one of the three base stats. These nodes are generally used to move around the tree and get to Clusters and Keystones.

Clusters: Groups of nodes with a common theme, frequently represented by a small icon in the center. As an example, the cluster focusing on lightning spell damage has an image of a lightning bolt in the center. Clusters can range in size from three nodes (Acrobatics Improvement, located behind the Acrobatics keystone) to as many as twelve (wand physical damage). Many clusters also have a notable passive, a special node rimmed in gold that is more powerful than other nodes and can have as many as four modifiers while normal nodes have a maximum of two.

Keystones: Special and very powerful nodes that change a basic game mechanic for your character. Resolute Technique will prevent you from ever missing again, but it'll cost you every critical strike you will ever land. Elemental Equilibrium will reward you for alternating elemental damage, but punish you for using the same element consistently. Each keystone gives a buff and a nerf, with the exception of Phase Acrobatics, which grants +30% spell dodge, but requires taking Acrobatics, which cuts armor and energy shield in half, and reduces block chance.

Plan ahead, for there are no full respecs in Path of Exile (except when a major patch changes the skill tree). Respec points are available through completing quests and spending Orb of Regret currency items, but these are pricey and if you find yourself built in a corner, it's often best to reroll (start over).


There are some nodes in the passive tree that can be allocated but appear to do nothing. These are jewel sockets, which can have jewels socketed within them. These jewels impart passives like every other node on the tree, but are arguably more powerful and can be all rarities (though the normal rarity of these items does nothing). Some unique jewels, scale off of nearby nodes or change them into different bonuses. There are also threshold jewels which impart a special modifier to skills specified if it's placed in the right areas (For example Overwhelming Odds improves Cleave.)

Is There Any Currency Income When You Playing Path of Exile?
Posted On 03/14/2018 00:02:19

In Path of Exile, if you don't understand the next step for making money and don't understant any atlas strategy. So how good players are full of exalted juste day 2-3? Is there any currency income you are missing? wealth is a huge area of the game as it offers a superior different options to savor the sport. Search for your wealth is within itself a huge part from the game.

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Lab is more profitable than that. Also if you are farming really fast (fast clear speed) you will do more than 20c per hour for sure. Also having all the atlas helps since maps sell really well if they are high tiers and atlas completion make you drop more. Then if people do several builds a league, when reselling their previous char items they make a lot of money most of the time. Also farming in group means you often have an magic find character with you and a support (which are insanes). In the end you are much faster clearing maps in group. Also knowledge of the game (what rares might be valuables for exemple) helps a lot and take a lot of time.

Also from trying flipping currency pretty seriously, I can say that it is really hard to make a lot of money with that (unless you are really patient). I guess nobody use that as their only way to make profit. Good item flipping is probably better actually.

All of that being said, i don't advise you to play mainly for profit, it will make you angry at the game when you can have a lot of fun trying builds for exemple. Also if you play enough you should be able to test most of the builds you want without concentrating too much on making currencies.

"How are players full of exalted day 2-3" : either they are cheating or playing a LOT with good knowledge of the game and in an organized party and with characters made for farming. If you want to learn more about Path of Exile, please follow U4GM.com.

Lots of currency Flipping and just knowing prices of what will go up and investing early as well as what sells early. An example is for leveling stuff first few days can get 1alch-1c for 1 good res leveling gear. Selling almost anything first day or two is nice and being able to play right away first hours of league is pretty big. Knowing what to flip and such helps even more later. Man if you can keep up tons of tabs you can make a lot on live-searches too

I don’t stop for chaos recipe but depending on how you do it can be worth. Like all accessories first the. Other pieces when you relatively full. Also I only run it ID if I do it. ID all rare belt/ring/ammy and throw it in 5c tab. if someone bites sell it. If no bites use for recipe when tab full. If spammed immediately reconsider price you might have a big value item. 2 tabs of this and using first for recipe while second is being filled gives you a buffet of time they’re up for sale to get potential sales. Done this since harbinger sometimes bothering to do the recipe usually not. I also grab And ID T1-2 bases so I’ll have those in another tab with the same concept.

Well when you are new to POE you choose very bad "teachers". If you want make decent POE Currency, and don't have enough experience with mapping (mapping in 3.2 its garbage anyway), make uber lab farmer. Its not that hard learn lab mechanics, u making good currency running all key runs and when u hit good enchant ur rich.

Path of Exile: Player Retention For This League Is Way Down Compared To...
Posted On 03/12/2018 23:33:30

Player retention for this league is way down compared to abyss, my thoughts and analysis. The main thing i'm looking at is the second Monday peak after launch vs the initial launch peak.

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● Abyss launch peak: 70.3k

● Abyss second Monday peak: 54.9k

● Player loss %: 22%

● Beastiary launch peak: 81.8k

● Beastiary second Monday peak: 57.1k

● Player loss %: 30%

● Stats are slightly rounded just to make life easier.

I think the drop in player retention is a mix of factors. One being the league mechanic itself having a mild reception with how it all works, spawn rates and low yield of items/wow moments. Should you need help with anything else in Path of Exile, you can get some support from U4GM.com. We also offer a huge selection of Path of Exile unique items with different sockets and links. We also have packs with different amounts of Path of Exile currency, including every single one of them such as Exalted, Chaos, Jeweller's Orb, Orb of Fusing and Orb of Regret.

Another being how the league mechanics being much less loot than what we have had the past so many leagues. Lots of leagues normally help with generating a solid amount of extra loot each map, but with only a couple of rare packs extra per map it's much less overall loot than have had.

One more factor is all the balance changes with sextants/cards etc have all resulted in less returns per map than what we have previously been doing. Wether you were a meta sextant vault runner, or running whatever map, or even a casual player pushing up in maps and hoping to reach yellow tier for a first league. All of these changes are simply less loot for every level.

The main thing that less loot results in is less content being experienced before getting bored of the league. People who previously would be able to alch and go, then still reach high tier red maps with ease, are now getting stuck before red maps with less returns. The casual mappers are hitting less enroaching darkness cards to play fun unique maps, The people saying "ill try reach shaper for the first time" are now not even getting to guardians.

I think it'd have a better reception if there were more beasts, as it is I'm encountering a red beast every 5ish maps and usually a yellow every other map sometimes multiple yellows in a single map but reds are far too rare and I'm assuming spirit beasts are ridiculously rare. Being able to trade them will help I think but a higher abundance of the league mechanic would help imo, they're also adding more recipes which seems like a great idea and there are issues with capturing the beasts as well. 

Path of Exile: Bestiary Could Utilize The Atlas As A Means of Hunting
Posted On 03/12/2018 23:28:02

Bestiary could utilize the altas as a means of hunting specific red beasts instead of being mostly random. It would be pretty cool if red beasts showed up on the atlas as an indicator of which map you could farm to hunt a specific beast. Surely a master hunter like Einhar Frey would be able to track different beasts around the PoE world? Maybe Tora could lend a hand and provide her master tracking skills as well? For some tips or guides on this game, you can visit U4GM

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The beasts could migrate around the map (like tempests) every set number of hours (maybe every hour?) and the maps would have some sort of indicator on the atlas to show that a specific beast was spotted in that area. Maybe even just what type of beast (wilds/sands/etc.) was spotted there. If you like beasts in Path of Exile, you can gather more PoE Orbs, and choose your favorite beasts, fight together!


For balance reasons, not every beast would have to be present on the atlas at a given time, and a beast being spotted does not guarantee you will see that beast every map, but that there is a higher chance for it to appear if you would have found a red beast. Beasts would still be able to found as they are now, at random, so just because a map doesn't have the "X beast spotted here" symbol doesn't mean you won't find beasts in it. 

Regular mapping would be unaffected. Addition while the league is underway, but in the event that beasts actually make it to the core game, there's so much potential to make it a fun addition, so it doesn't hurt to discuss this now. 

Now that we have the Atlas, part of the old WB issues is gone. In any case, we already have the deterministic farming in the form of the map-specific (even map boss specific) divination card drops. Hunting the specific beasts in the specific atlas areas was so obviously a good idea, I don't understand why they didn't do it. Lack of time to program and balance the feature. It still doesn't solve the problem of shitty rewards for the effort spent - the vast majority of beastcrafting recipes are rubbish, after all.

Just to add to that, normal mapping would be unaffected. Beasts would still appear as they do now so you could ignore the mechanic entirely and still find them. Also, we didn't have an interface like the atlas to keep track of maps in an organized way back then, so third party websites were needed to track them which was part of the annoyance of Warbands/Tempest.

Bestiary could do just about everything better. Beasts could come with cool new mods that let us go crazy with crafting and actually gave a purpose to all the thousand recipes, like:

▶ Vaal Beasts: Corrupted beasts that when captured, grans you the ability to craft new recipes that give the crafted item a guaranteed corruption.

▶ Essence Beasts: 4 different Essence Beasts, Horror Beast, Delirium Beast, and you get the idea. These add the specific mod of the corrupted Essence onto the item you are crafting if you are crafting a rare item.

▶ Shaper and Elder Beasts: These add the Shaper and Elder mods (not actual Shaper and Elder mods, just gives it the Shaper or Elder attribute) to the item you are crafting. You can now add Shaper and Elder on crafted rares, and maybe even uniques for funsies (unless the community wants to keep those items rare). Can only be found in the respective maps with Shaper or Elder influence.

▶ Exalted Beasts: Guarantees 6 mods for the crafted rare.

▶ Ancient Beasts: Very rare beasts that guarantee a Tier 1 unique when used for crafting one.

▶ Harbinger Beasts: Guarantees that the specific mod you are crafting for a rare is the highest tier that the item level allows.

▶ Abyssal Beasts: Very rare beasts that guarantee 1 Abyssal socket, even on rares and uniques.

▶ Warband Beasts: Crafts Warband mods onto 

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